This is a summary of hydrogeology projects that Steve Worthington has undertaken since completing his Ph.D. in 1991

•           Field investigations and testimony as an expert witness on hydrogeology at the Walkerton Inquiry, a public inquiry that investigated the reasons for seven deaths and 2300 illnesses from bacterial contamination of a carbonate aquifer in Ontario.

•           Testimony as an expert witness at environmental assessment hearings on hydrogeology in Ontario (on proposals for an industrial landfill, two residential developments, four bedrock quarries, and one sand and gravel pit).

 •           Member of advisory panels on numerical modelling, water use restrictions, and tracer testing in the Edwards aquifer in Texas.

•           Member of review panel advising the Forest Service in Alaska on its regulations for logging in karst areas.

•           Review of feasibility reports on proposed landfills on carbonate rocks in Wisconsin and Ontario, and a diamond mine in carbonate rocks in Ontario.

•           Evaluation of karst issues affecting development of quarries in Ontario and England, and residential developments, wind farms, a landfill, and a deep underground nuclear waste repository in Ontario.

•           Evaluation of storage and flow through carbonate aquifers in two water rights cases in Utah.

•           Evaluation of hydrogeology at contaminated sites on carbonates in Ontario, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica and on unconsolidated sediments in Ontario

•           Evaluation of causes of failure of a breached canal wall in carbonates in New York.

•           Investigation of remedial options to reduce inflow to a sub-water table limestone quarry in Maryland.

•           Evaluation of significance of karst at the Eramosa Karst (Ontario) in connection with its designation as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, and in the expansion area for Nahanni National Park (Northwest Territories)

•           Evaluation of hydrogeology of karst areas in Chongqing and Guangxi, China for International Geopark and World Heritage Site status

•           Review of source protection methodology for springs and municipal wells in limestone and dolostone aquifers in Ontario and in Ireland