Worthington Groundwater specializes in evaluating preferential flow and transport in bedrock aquifers, and is built around the expertise of Dr. Stephen Worthington M.Sc., Ph.D., P.Geo. He has been active in consulting and research on preferential flow in bedrock aquifers for more than 30 years. His consulting work in Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, Jamaica, and China has included water supply, water rights, source protection for wells and springs, groundwater contamination, bedrock stability, and feasibility projects on landfills on landfills, quarries, wind farms, and residential developments. See the Projects page for more details.

Preferential flow through fractures is common in bedrock aquifers, and the permeability is often enhanced by weathering, as explained in this paper. In situations where the weathering (principally by dissolution) in carbonate aquifers is especially prominent, then these aquifers are sometimes called karst aquifers. However, this term can be confusing because there are several contrasting definitions, as discussed in this paper. An up to date list of Steve’s research publications can be found here.